Happy Tuesday print fam. Today is all about getting some hats embroidered on the SWF. I have a 15 piece order today and a 20 that I need to get done in the next few days. After the hats are doing, we’re going to try and get some business cards printed and we’ll maybe deliver the hats. The cards and hats took longer than I expected, so we are not making any other deliveries today. We’re just going to get more work done. I also (sort of) hit 1000 subs today! I was so excited because it was the 1-year anniversary of the vlog. Come back tomorrow to find out what I mean by sort of.

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00:00 Lots of hats to do
01:05 Konica warming up
02:16 Hat Embroidery
04:46 Lots of screen printing
07:20 Printing timelapse
09:44 1000 subs! (sort of)
11:57 HP Latex decal printing
13:13 You know what time it is
15:25 On the schedule
17:12 Questions?
17:54 Making money online
20:12 Thank you!

Edited by Cam

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