Happy Thursday print fam. I’m feeling a little down today so I’m eating an expired chocolate bunny and most of the day will be timelapse. I have a busy day tomorrow making deliveries so I had a bunch of work that I needed to get done today. I was able to get everything done, but unfortunately, it didn’t help my grumpiness.

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00:00 Happy Thursday
00:50 Envelope printing
02:22 NCR form printing
02:52 Envelope setup and direction for konica
03:45 Flyer and Business card printing
05:57 Envelopes don’t have extras
06:40 Rounding the corners
07:07 icolor white toner transfers
08:12 Shirt and mask decoration with white toner
09:38 Mask orientation
10:20 Time to call it
11:40 Questions?
12:12 NCR compound

Edited by Cam

Music Credit: