Happy Tuesday print fam. We had BNI this morning which was good. I need to get some paper and a few other things downtown and I’m trying to decide if I’m going to go. I ordered some next level masks that I was worried about, but I was able to sell most of them even though there was a minimum order on masks. I ended up going to SLC to get the envelopes so I could print them for deliveries Friday. The paper store ended up charging me 3 times what they said they were going to. So make sure you check your invoices. I ended up not printing the envelopes because I had a few rush orders and I forgot that you have to wait for the fuser to cool down.

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00:00 Happy Tuesday
03:35 Printing timelapse
05:17 Duplo cutting timelapse
05:57 Always check your invoices
07:51 Time to call it
08:39 Stake storytime
09:30 On the Schedule

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