Happy Thursday print fam. Today we are finally working on the gang plastisol transfers. These transfers are from FM Expressions. If I had more time, I would have been able to produce these for even less, but I’ll cover all the numbers at the end of the video. I, unfortunately, was not able to complete the order because sanmar sent me some wrong shirts.

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Items I used from sanmar – PC54, PC54T, CAR54T, PC78H, and an onesie from Rabbit.

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00:00 Happy Thursday
02:07 Sanmar messed up
03:12 Cutting gang sheets
03:49 Screen printed transfer pricing
10:24 Applying transfers
11:24 Direct Screen Printing Pricing
15:18 Folding shirts
15:50 PO Box run
16:22 Time to call it
17:18 Questions
18:00 What’s happening tomorrow

Edited by Cam

Music Credit: