Happy Monday print fam. We already have the flyers creasing that we printed Friday, so we are starting strong. I had a few suggestions last time about trying to increase the crease depth on the duplo and by changing it to max on the 100lb text it reduced the cracking to almost none. Thanks for the suggestion. When I got back from delivering the flyers, I had some computer work to do and I wanted to organize the shop a little. I should have waited for Bob’s help.

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00:00 Happy Monday
00:58 Apply transfer tape
01:46 I need a folder
02:40 Organizing the shop
03:13 How I make money online
07:09 cardboard cut out, design work, ncr forms
09:28 Moving the blank paper
10:03 I fell
11:07 building the paper shelf
12:26 The aftermath
13:07 Time to call it
14:35 Questions?
15:24 What’s on the print schedule

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