Today I started super late because I spent the morning with the family. It was great to spend time with them, but I’m off to a super late start. I spend some time talking with Derek and I really feel like I need to work on my online business. I spent some time changing up and I’m going to try and build up the business. I’d love to know your feedback on how I could make the website better.

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00:00 Happy Birthday Cam!
01:01 Starting late
05:09 Building
06:01 Website review
09:27 Sticker printing on the HP Latex
11:09 I messed up
11:40 cutting on summa
14:04 Post office run
14:15 time to call it
15:30 feedback please
16:03 Questions
16:33 Cam’s vacation story
17:37 Support the links so we can pay for Cam’s donut

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