This course is designed to help you get started or to grow your offerings in the large format space. You'll be provided my best practices, my favorite suppliers, and other tips and tricks.

Module 1 Welcome
Lesson 1 Intro
Module 2 Starting your business
Lesson 1 Setting Up your business
Lesson 2 Bank account
Lesson 3 Accepting Payments
Module 3 Deciding on Products
Lesson 1 Find what's best for you
Module 4 Suppliers
Lesson 1 My go to list of suppleirs
Lesson 2 Why I like having multiple suppliers
Module 5 Artwork
Lesson 1 Designing your artwork
Lesson 2 Design Programs
Lesson 3 Outsourced artwork
Module 6 Pricing
Lesson 1 How I price Jobs
Lesson 2 Pricing Calculator
Lesson 3 Do you need Samples
Lesson 4 Quoting Jobs
Module 7 Equipment
Lesson 1 When is the right time to buy?
Lesson 2 What should you buy
Module 8 Take Action!
Lesson 1 Start Selling
Lesson 2 Get Quotes
Lesson 3 Call a business owner you know
Module 9 Thank you
Lesson 1 I'm here to help