Today I wanted to cover the different options to decorate shirts and other textile items. There are lots of different methods, and I may have missed some. If I did, please let me know in the comments. I talk about the methods that I not only do in house, but the ones I outsource and the ones I don’t use at all.

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00:00 unproductive morning
01:23 HP Latex printing stickers
02:03 Heat transfer vinyl – HTV
03:48 Embroidery
04:33 White Toner Transfers
05:20 Heat Press
06:01 DTG – Direct to Garment
08:03 Screen Printing
09:21 Dye Sublimation
11:38 Transfers
13:21 Decoration method recap
14:30 Time to call it
16:28 Plan in motion to #savetheprintshop
17:43 Questions?
18:20 Affiliate Explanation

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