Happy Wednesday print fam. First thing this morning I’m working on a new cutting template for the Duplo. Bob decided to sell a new size instead of doing something we already had. After we card the new card size printed, we waited for the fuser to cool down so we could put the envelope fuser in the Konica. I was having some issues while printing the envelopes. They kept getting stuck in the drawer. I found a part on my fiery and that’s what I needed to stop them from getting stuck. While we waited for the Konica to cool, we printed some backlit media film on the HP Latex. After all the print work was done, I did some boring admin work. I did update my spreadsheets which you can get on my Patreon page.

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00:00 Happy Wednesday
01:19 Printing Cards on the Konica
02:15 Swapping the Envelope fuser
05:14 Printing backlit film on the HP Latex
06:44 Envelope Issue
08:11 Updated bid sheet
10:00 Tomorrows Schedule
11:53 Envelope Printing
12:14 Admin Work
13:12 Questions
14:00 Tomorrow

Edited by Cam

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