Happy Thursday print fam. We are mainly working on signs today. Bob is here cutting and I’m printing an applying. I had my wife help make a lighter custom squeegee using felt, banner tape, and some scrap acrylic. Best thing ever. We were able to get all the signs cut and applied so the customer can pick it up. We had a little recap of what we learned from this large yard sign order. After Bob left, I started working on some other projects that were put on the back burner while finishing the large sign order. Bob went home to design some banners, thank you cards, and stickers. I finished up some building decals and some sticker sets.

00:00 Custom Squeegee
01:10 Lunch Break
01:38 Yard Sign Job Recap
06:37 Yard sign application timelapse
07:35 weeding adhesive vinyl
14:53 applying transfer tape
17:12 barcode automation on the hp 54 cutter
19:45 vinyl cutting timelapse
20:33 Why I purchase the HP Print and cut solution (Summa cutter) instead of the Graphtec
22:03 Time to call it a night

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