Happy Thursday print fam. While my business is suffering from the effects of covid (and yours may be too), there are some that are growing. I was lucky enough to be connected with a restaurant that is doing really well. The restaurant has new owners and they are working hard to keep it the same, but do some upgrades at the same time. It was nice to be able to help them with some new signs, and redo their menu. If you’re struggling, reach out to businesses that are expanding with this downturn. Thanks, Alex for the kind gift, it really made my day.

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Edited by Cam
00:00 Finally mailed the stickers
01:56 Thank you Alex
02:49 work recap (table tent and posters)
03:58 Additional work from delivery
07:19 Printing menus on the Konica
08:15 Make sure you proof things
09:48 Questions
10:05 Thanks again Alex – awesome echo dot
10:53 Security camera playing
11:30 Thank you

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