Today, I’m showing how my network works and is setup. My network is way overkill, but it will give you an idea of some options for setting up your network. After going over the network it was time to get some actual print work done. I started by getting some stickers printed and cut on the HP Latex. After those were done, Bob came over to work on some white toner shirts. I did the A to B marrying process and he did the pressing on the shirts. After I did my part, I made a single yard sign for someone while he finished up his work.

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00:00 Happy Monday
00:47 My network setup
03:20 Suggested setup
08:57 Printing stickers on the HP Latex
10:07 White toner shirts on uninet icolor
14:01 Recap and what’s next
15:14 Questions?
15:37 Cam Vlog

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