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I get this question all the time so I thought I take a minute to put together this helpful article. This is the information I found when I was researching along with other details from spec / sales / etc. If you ever have questions, feel free to ask me.

As far as I know, all of HP Latex printers (100/300/500 series printers) use the same inks and print head technology, there are some differences between the models. The 115 and the 315 are the two that most “new” printers look at. The HP Latex 115 and 315 are similar in almost every aspect, but there are a few differences. The biggest to me is the size of the ink cartridges. While the inks are the same, the HP 115 uses smaller 400mL cartridges and the 315’s are 775mL. The HP Latex 315 also has the OMAS sensor, which helps with skew alignment on media loading and also helps with skew tracking while printing. This is REALLY helpful for those longer jobs. The HP 315 as has “continuous printing”, which minimizes the curing time between jobs that have the same print parameters.

The other somewhat big difference is that the HP 115 is an end-user installed printer, where the 315 is an HP Technician-installed printer. For me, it was nice to have the tech come on-site to show me the basics of using the machine. I ended up unboxing it myself (you’re not suppost to do that), and my tech only ended up staying for 1 day instead of 2.

While I do love my HP Latex 315, if I had the room, the knowledge I have now, and the budget, I would have sprung for the 365. I would have done that so I could do wider banners, double-sided banners, and more fabric options. That said, I still love and use the HP Latex 315 all the time and am so happy with the purchase.

Here is a helpful comparison chart of the 300 series.

MSRP $8999 $10,995 $12,995 $16,995
Model 115 315 335 365
Max Media Width 54″ 54″ 64″ 64″
Ink Cartridge 400 775 775 775
Take Up Real Optional Optional Included Included
Skew Tracking x
Continuous Printing x
Internal ICC Profiling x x x
Double-Sided Assist x x x
Print on Porous Media x x x
Quick Solutions Guide x x x
Max Roll Weight 55lb 55lb 92.6lb 92.6lb
RIP Sai Flexiprint Sai Flexiprint – HP Edition Sai Flexiprint – HP Edition Sai – 1 yr subscription
Touch-Screen 4″ 4″ 4″ 8″
Ink Included with printer x