Happy Monday print fam! I didn’t record an intro until about 5PM today. I worked all day and was just trying to get things done. I’ve done some printing on the HP Latex and on the Konica. I do need to run to get some paper and pick up a sample of a menu that they want copied. I also dropped off an order to my screen printer and did a few other things. While I was running errands earlier, I used my remote desktop to access my computer so I could send another job to the printer. I highly suggest having remote desktop capabilities for your print business. I also go over the costs to print the jobs on the HP latex that I was printing.

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00:00 Happy Monday
02:40 Remote Desktop
04:46 HP Latex decal timelapse
06:45 Print and cut timelapse
09:58 Timing the konica
11:30 HP Latex pricing
14:28 Duplo cutting timelapse
15:08 Konica speed test
15:35 Printing take out menus
17:17 Time to call it
18:04 masks and other things tomorrow

Edited by Cam

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