Happy Wednesday print fam. I’ve already got a bunch of things done this morning and it feels good. We have a bunch of to still do and I’m so happy for the work. We did the shirts using HTV, I buy mine from here –

We also had the opportunity to make new drive-through menus for a company so we printed those and Bob installed them. I purchased the wrong media, so we’re just going to use the banner tape ( to stick it to the Lexan backer. I worked on some shirts and did a test on a yoga mat. It worked really well and I used the same vinyl that I linked above.

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00:00 Fathers Day Shirts Done
00:57 Pressing Shirts
01:35 Bob is here
03:20 Backlit film printing
05:40 Bob update
06:13 Drive-thru sign install
07:38 I bought the wrong stuff
08:31 Excel tip (sorry about the audio)
11:23 Bob messed up
13:02 Cutting the backlit media
16:30 What’s on the schedule
17:40 Questions
18:35 bonus footage

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