Happy Tuesday Print fam. BNI was good this morning. We already received the replacement print head so we are going to get that replaced and the printer up and running. Replacing the head is easy and straight forward. After the head was replaced we printed a few jobs that needed to be finished today. We also received a shirt blank order that we dropped off to our outsource screen printer. Someone asked the other day how I load media on my printer because it’s such a tight space. I show you how. Today we also printed a scrim banner and prepped some car decals for install.

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00:00 New print head
00:55 Replacing HP Latex Printhead
02:55 Sticker timelapse
03:33 Cyan is back and work update
04:30 don’t cut ink open
4:56 cutting timelapse
6:36 Loading media on the HP Latex
9:24 Print and Cut timelapse
10:40 recap and weeding template
11:10 Weeding car decals
12:14 Daily recap and tomorrow

Edited by Cam

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