Happy Tuesday print fam. We had our first official digital BNI meeting. It was definitely interesting, but it was good to see everyone. We are super slow because of all the shutdowns but we’re doing our best to stay busy. We have a few jobs in all the sections that we cover (printing, embroidery, screen printing, large format, heat transfers, etc). I have some vinyl and magnets to get done today, so let’s get going. In between prints, I did a demo with Divvy. It was a cool thing, and I got $100 for doing it, but I’m not going to sign up (my accountant doesn’t like it because the QuickBooks integration doesn’t work yet. I still like the idea, and hope they fix the integration.). With the magnets, I’m going to try and print on .030. It’s out of spec for the printer, but I’ve had it work before. Because it didn’t work, I’m just going to print vinyl and apply it to the magnet. After the magnets, we printed some business cards and banners. We cut the banners done using the keetcut.

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