Happy Friday print fam. I printed a few things this morning that I need to get cut, and we have a few other things to get printed. We have some more hand sanitizer labels to do and some signs. I also need to work on to see how we can make it more clear how many and what is being printed. After I got the cutting done, I work on white window cling. It was the worst to cut. It kept getting stuck to itself and I just had to sit and monitor it. During my errands, there were some communication issues that I hope you can learn from.

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00:00 Happy Friday
01:17 It’s all a sham
02:06 Cutting vinyl on keencut
04:23 HP latex window cling timelapse
05:46 Static cling sucks
11:26 Fire Bob? Communication issues
17:13 Wrapping up the day
18:10 Questions?

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