Happy Friday print fam. Today I’m making some signs that I was shorted in an order I placed from one of my suppliers. We have a few other projects that we’ll be working on. I had a big issue with a rush vinyl job where I unknowingly swapped the perf and the contour cuts. I wasted a bunch of media but was able to finally figure out… the second time. After delivering the order, I came home and wasted even more media. I printed some stickers the wrong size. I’m worried about making anything else today. I took a little break and then applied some screen printed transfers to about 20 shirts. I was on a roll, so I printed some business cards on the Konica.

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00:00 Issue with outsourced order
00:55 HP Latex yard sign timelapse
01:41 Rush order issues
04:06 cutting timelapse
05:06 Another order issue
05:54 Screen Printed Transfers timelapse
07:50 Konica printing
08:50 business card printing timelapse
10:46 Shipping packages
11:38 2 o’clock club time, day recap

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