Happy Friday print fam. Today we have lots to get done print wise, and the counters for the kitchen might get installed. It’s been 3 months without a kitchen, I’m very much looking forward to it. The first thing was to print some posters. I manually cut them on the keencut instead of cutting them on the HP cutter. They sometimes don’t cut straight when doing long cuts on paper. Next cloud also had some issue and it deleted 10 years worth of customer files. I can see most of them on the server, but I know some are just gone.

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00:00 Yeahhhh, Kitchen
01:06 HP Latex time-lapse – posters
02:40 recap
03:27 HP Latex car decals
04:13 Next cloud delete my files
06:25 Sticker printing timelapse
07:59 Files updates
08:49 card and brochure printing timelapse
12:36 Time to call it
13:22 Questions?

Edited by Cam

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