Happy Tuesday print fam. I have to make a delivery to someone who cares what I look like, so I’m wearing my fancy pants. Because I’m running to town, I’m going to run a few errands at the same time. After the errands, we have a bunch of things we can get done today. Hats, stickers, and more. Let’s get to it. Also, I laughed so much on how Cam edited my driving timelapse. Thanks, buddy! On an administrative note, I’m leaving dropbox for a self-hosted version of nextcloud. This will save some money and give more control over all the business files. I’m really loving the new blades that I picked up for the cutter. They are way sharper and way cheaper. After cutting the first set of the stickers, I did increase the pressure just a little so they’d pop out a little easier.

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00:00 Fancy Pants
02:34 driving timelapse
04:09 I’m dropping dropbox for Nextcloud
08:49 Latex timelapse
10:35 working late again…
12:18 New cut settings
13:08 Moment of truth
14:01 cutting timelapse
15:18 cutter messed up
16:02 trying the cut again
16:47 Happy 2 o’clock club
17:45 Nextcloud note

Edited by Cam

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