Happy Monday print fam. This weekend was really good for me. I released my video about possibly closing the print shop. The support, kindness, and ideas where just what I needed. Because of my financial problems, I’m trying to sell a few items that I don’t need, and I’m also going to get rid of a few machines that I don’t use enough. I’m also focusing more on what I’m good at, and I’m going to try and say no to more things. After finishing the computers that I’m selling, I printed a banner (and cut it down) and printed some two o’clock club stickers and TTMS sticker sheets. Thanks to those that have purchased stickers and who support me on patreon. Thank you Wendy, for the light.

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Edited by Cam

00:00 Thank you, shop moving ahead
01:42 Banner printing
02:27 Moving forward
05:12 How you can support
06:44 two o’clock club and TTMS stickers
07:54 How I print banners
08:12 Sticker sheets and banner questions
09:46 Keencut banner trimming
11:38 Gift Card for Cam and computer sold
12:32 Thank you, Wendy
13:18 Cutting Stickers on the HP Cutter
14:10 Update on TTMS stuff
17:43 HP 54 Cutter
18:50 Purchase icolor transfers (*$11 per sheet)
19:50 Tomorrow’s schedule
21:02 Questions
21:45 Online income


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