Happy Friday print fam. I worked so late yesterday, that I just don’t feel like working today. I need to make a few shirts for Bob with the white toner, so I’m making a few mask transfers for myself. One thing you should know about white transfer printing is that there is a learning curve. Once you get the hang of it though it’s very consistent. I think people get frustrated when they first by the printer which is why there is a lot of negativity online towards white toner printing. Also, if you are doing solid white like I was, increase your pressure or press them twice like I did, it really helps. Every Friday I try to invest in myself. One way I do that is by trying to purchase one stock every Friday. I use Robin Hood. If you want a free stock (I get one too), use the link below.

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00:00 Happy Friday
01:02 White toner transfer making
03:04 Transfer timelapse
05:42 Investing in myself
08:48 Konica Prints for weddings
10:26 Cutting timelapse
11:00 Time to call it
12:48 ontrac is the worst

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