Today has been a little crazy. It’s been a little crazy of a day. Derek and I started our podcast. I thought the first recording didn’t work, but it did and it’s currently live. Bob came over to work on some screen printed transfers shirts from FM Expressions along with some masks with the white toner uninet icolor printer. We also talked a bit about charging for samples, or making sure you charge for your time. I have found that people take advantage of my kindness and when I say yes to something, I’m saying no to something else.

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Edited by Cam

00:00 crazy morning
01:01 icolor white toner transfers
01:44 Storytime with Cam
02:20 Job Update
04:32 Bob Sales tip
14:09 white toner masks
15:24 Order custom transfers
16:10 Bob Sales time summary
16:40 Save the print shop
17:30 Jobs in the queue
19:30 Questions?
20:23 Podcast
20:41 Post office run
22:05 I guess it did work?!? 🤷‍♂️


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