Happy Thursday print fam (it’s not Friday). Today I had to get some errands run first thing and as soon as I got back I started working on a banner for Bob. I was hoping to get it done before he came to pick something else up, but I didn’t. I decided to save the leave behind printing for tomorrow. I also rant about a few other things, and sadly, we didn’t hit the 1000 subs on the anniversary. We were so close. I’m so happy that all of you watch and comment, I love learning from all of you. Thank you for your support in making these videos.

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00:00 Happy Friday?
01:21 Loading media on the HP Latex
03:45 banner printing timelapse
04:41 Konica recap
05:02 business card printing timelapse
05:55 tomorrows schedule
08:45 questions
09:33 “Youtuber”
10:35 Thanks print fam

Edited by Cam

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