Today started out a little rough. Because I stayed up so late yesterday, I slept in and was late getting started. I had a lunch meeting about a potentially large order and he also helped talk to me about some of my struggles. I got a confirmation on a 4000 piece postcard order and we also have a 3300 piece direct mail order for Bob. I’m going to get that along started on the postcards but I’ll need to get more paper from Kelly Paper tomorrow. While I was working on the postcards I also printed some rebranding vinyl for one of Bob’s customers on the HP Latex.

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00:00 A bit of a pity party
03:00 Trying to be positive
05:28 Printing postcards on the Konica
06:10 Postcard recap
07:02 Printing on the HP Latex
10:24 Time to call it
12:20 Questions?

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