Happy Tuesday print fam. I spend most of the morning working on house projects so I’m a little behind. The HP Latex is printing and we have some printing to do on the Konica. BNI was good this morning, It’s always nice to meet with fellow business owners. After I finished the HP Latex prints, I made some deliveries. When I got back I felt like I hit a brick wall and just want to take a nap. I worked my way out of it and printed some wedding announcements and business cards.

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00:00 Happy Tuesday
02:53 HP Latex cutter
04:14 Deliveries done
05:17 Automation is key
06:27 gang plastisol transfers
06:59 Business Card Printing
09:05 Time to call it
10:16 Questions
10:50 Shout outs
11:50 Tomorrow

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