Happy Wednesday print fam. Today we started off strong with getting the HP latex going on some stickers. After the stickers printed, we cut and prepped them for shipping. We ran a few errands and with that, my brother asked me to do some programming for them. Because I could use the money I agreed and spent way too much time making it happen. I started printing again around 1am and finally went to be around 3am. I was able to get a bunch of business card orders ready to ship for the morning.

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00:00 Intro and latex printing
00:59 sticker printing timelapse
02:29 sticker cutting timelapse
03:43 sticker prep timelapse
04:03 sticker recap
05:14 Did some programming
05:33 Business Card prep
06:48 printing timelapse
11:41 Outro – changing outfeed
12:51 secret content

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