Happy Monday print fam. Today we have some yard signs to printing along with 900 1-inch stickers. I’m not feeling super motivated today so I decided to just start with one thing. During the live stream, you said you wanted more Bob, so I had Bob record an updated. Bob likes to “outsource” his projects. Bob worked on some name badges from bnbline. If you want access to all of our suppliers there is a spreadsheet available on my patreon. Sorry, that we cut off Bob, my wife called me. With the 900 stickers, we are cutting them into strips.

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00:00 Happy Monday
00:56 Printing stickers
02:29 Bob Update
06:06 Keencut cutting
07:06 Sticker finishing
07:40 Supplier list
09:13 Lease Payments
10:00 Recap for the day
10:50 Questions?
11:29 More lives coming

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