Happy Thursday print fam. Today is a continuation of the large formating printing from yesterday. The first thing we are working on is some white HTV. I wanted to weed it on the heat press, but it didn’t cut all the way so I had to do it just on the table. I wanted to take a few minutes today to talk about how I try to negotiate the best deal possible on my machines. Today was the first time printing perforated vinyl and it wasn’t my favorite. It definitely doesn’t like the heat as much as some of the other products. It worked fine, but it was touch and go.

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00:00 Happy Thursday
00:43 Weeding HTV
01:42 Vinyl is stacking up
02:10 Negotiating deals on equipment
05:54 HP Latex perforated vinyl printing
07:26 Recap of the day
9:05 Questions?
09:45 Weeding large vinyl decals
10:30 HP Latex printing
11:08 Why I didn’t weed on the heat press

Edited by Cam

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