I started today’s vlog a little differently. I thought it would be fun, but I probably won’t do it again. I started the day decorating some bags with HTV and moved on to decorating masks with the Uninet white toner printer. Because I’m using white toner transfers, I thought I’d cover the difference in oki and uninet. The battle of the white toner printers 😊

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Oki vs Uninet iColor printers
Paper is pretty much the same
White is more white on Uninet iColor
Rip is included for free with Uninet iColor
Toner supplies are pretty much the same
Unique inks available with Uninet iColor printers

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Edited by Cam

00:00 Print Shop POV
00:53 Loading HTV in cutter
03:13 Cutting HTV
04:00 Making white toner transfers
04:29 HTV on canvas bags
05:35 Catching up on projects
06:20 Setting up HTV cut in Flexi
06:55 Removing content (supplier issues)
08:00 Oki vs Uninet white toner printers
13:20 Tomorrow’s prep work
14:50 Questions?

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