Happy Monday print fam. I’m a little overwhelmed by what needs to happen today so I’m starting with one list at a time and doing what I can. The first list, Konica printing. I got those going and after they were done, I moved over to embroidery and HP Latex. Bach and I were having a good time on the first three hats, but then he decided to break a needle and ruin a hat. So sad.

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00:00 Happy Monday
02:00 Print and cut timelapse
02:50 Needle break on SWF embroidery
03:36 Embroidery and Latex timelapse
06:24 Trying make the duplo payment
09:59 Postoffice run
11:06 Time to call it
12:00 questions?
12:40 tomorrow’s schedule

Edited by Cam

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