Today has been a little slow going because I was watching my youngest daughter for a good portion of the afternoon. While I was holding her, I worked on quickbooks and setting up some outsourced work. I really like the outsourced work because there is not much involvement from me once the sale is made. I create the artwork, have the customer approve it, send it to the company doing the work, and that company blind ships the product when it’s done to the customer. It’s a very nice arrangement. The margin is not as good, but it’s a lot less work. Once I was done watching my daughter, I printed some window decals on the HP latex and cut them on the HP cutter. I also creased some thank you cards on the Duplo but I won’t do that size again. The Duplo did not like it and I had to smoosh my hand to hold them so they wouldn’t skew during the feeding process.

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Edited by Cam
00:00 Cam’s new dog
00:34 Outsource ideas
03:03 Creasing thank you cards
04:55 Printing decals on the HP Latex
05:27 Cutting decals on the HP cutter
06:05 Job recap
07:54 Outsourcing is good
09:33 Questions?

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