Happy Thursday print fam. I’ve been having a rough morning trying to make a graphic that will fit on a bucket. I spent way too much time on it, but it sure did turn out nice. I need to get out of the office to run some errands and pick a few things up today, namely a screen printed order. The stickers that I’m printing today are for what’s called a zine. I’m not really sure what it is, but it’s something to do with Instagram and being a mini magazine. I’ve had my HP Latex 315 for almost two years and this is the first time that I’ll be replacing the maintenance cartridge. I asked Derek from Alvalu Designs how many he’s replaced and he said he couldn’t count….

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00:00 Happy Thursday
01:40 Printing business cards
02:35 Stickers on the HP Latex
03:19 Replacing the maintenance cartridge
07:33 Zine Update
07:55 Cutting on the HP Cutter
09:14 Popping out perf cut stickers
09:56 I don’t know Pokemon
12:32 Questions

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