Happy Wednesday print fam. I’m running late to an appointment, I’ll be 4 minutes late, but it should be ok. I thought it was a lunch my merchant processor was putting on, but it was not. It was a mock “BNI” meeting. If I would have known that, I wouldn’t have gone. The first thing to get done is some HTV. These are pre spaced numbers for the back of screen printed shirts. After the heat transfer vinyl was done, we moved on to printing door vinyl and box truck decals on the HP Latex. When I print the large vehicle decals, I do not laminate them. I’ve found that the outdoor rating is good enough and the customer usually wants to replace them because of physical damage or some other design change. Saves me time and them money. I also explain why I print large blocks of colors instead of printing just the letter and cutting it.

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00:00 Happy Wednesday
01:53 Weeding HTV
02:23 Messed up on some HTV
03:42 HP Latex door vinyl
04:09 How I store HTV
07:21 Box truck decals on the HP Latex
08:46 Update and recap
10:22 Cutting vehicle lettering
11:19 Why I print big blocks of color
12:39 Perforated vinyl
13:33 Schedule Tomorrow
14:00 Questions?

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