Happy Thursday print fam. Today we’re doing an interview with Uninet, some artwork to prep, and some errands to run. I hope we can find something fun to do. We finally got the right files back from Penji so we’re going to print the tri-fold. We printed the tri-fold two up on 12×18. We cut them down to 8.5×11 on the duplo then fed them back in the duplo to crease them for folding. I really want to get a nice folder. We also took a little time to clean up the shop because we’re going to have a visitor tomorrow.

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00:00 Intro
01:35 Uninet Interview and shop cleaning
01:59 Shop cleaning timelapse
03:37 tri-fold printing and cutting timelapse
05:26 overlapping/layering color issue
07:02 tri-folds still cracking
08:31 creasing timelapse
09:47 shop is looking better

Edited by Cam

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