Today was virtual BNI so it was nice to be able to get ready while it was going. During BNI I also worked on some heat transfers and did a few other things. I’m also sending out my first business card order in a long time. I’ve been usually doing them in house, but I don’t have the ability to do this specific one in house. I left the stickers running on the printer while I ran my errands, and I totally thought they’d be done by the time I got home, but they were still running away. It’s nice to have automated equipment. We also worked on a bunch of flyers and I wanted to go over the pricing for the job. I also started working on the list of dentists that I want to start marketing to.

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00:00 BNI and morning recap
02:33 Cutting stickers
03:10 HP Latex sticker printing
06:35 Using the Konica to finish full-bleed flyers
07:59 Printing and cutting flyers
09:35 Flyer pricing and overview
14:54 Staple finishing
16:07 Making a list of dentists
20:53 Questions?
21:34 Tomorrows schedule

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