Happy Wednesday print fam. I lied to you. I didn’t print the envelopes first, I printed some postcards. I now have to wait for the fuser to cool so we can swap out the envelope fuser on the Konica. It’s the first time I printed a7 envelopes on the Konica and it worked great. I’m so glad that I didn’t have to use my little desktop printer to print them. We finished up a few yard and real estate rider signs. We held off on the transfers, so come back tomorrow.

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00:00 Happy Wednesday
02:48 HP Latex 315 printing
03:37 Bob hates me
04:15 Keencut and signs
06:26 Mailing Wedding Announcements
09:45 Printing envelopes on the Konica
10:30 Recap
11:43 Questions?
12:00 Want more of me?

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