Happy Monday print fam. I hope you had a great weekend. My weekend is not starting out with printing. I have to go fix some computers than its back home to get some printing done. We are starting by printing some postcards on the Konica and cutting them on the Duplo. While the postcards where printing we started some hand sanitizer labels on the HP Latex and then printed some wedding announcements on the HP Latex. For all of those confused about this vlog following the last posted video. Vlogs are two weeks behind, that video was current.

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00:00 Happy Monday
00:47 White toner, Cards, and more
01:22 Printing timelapse
02:06 Recap so far
04:53 Sticker printing timelapse
05:45 Wedding Announcement Pricing
08:15 Postcard pricing
09:20 White toner marrying
11:10 Postcard mail merge
11:45 Konica Print and Duplo cut timelapse
12:12 Time to call it
12:55 Tomorrow’s schedule

Edited by Cam

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