Happy Wednesday print fam. So… yesterday I hit 1000 subs. Today I woke up to 991. I don’t know what’s up with YouTube, but all is well, I’m just a little demotivated today. We do need to get some hats done, so I’ll start by preparing the foam and backer. I messed up the first hat by hitting the hat hoop. I’m not sure what happened, but I either did it wrong in the first or it slipped.

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00:00 treat basket
02:04 Puff embroidery on hats
03:09 I hit to hat hoop
04:05 Embroidery timelapse
05:04 Yard signs and magnets
06:05 Time to call it
08:31 Questions?
09:23 Goodbye Bach

Edited by Cam

Music Credit: