In this video, I go over the quick ways to get started in the promotional products business. In short, there are three main platforms (that I know of) to get started with. You have ASI, SAGE/PPAI, and Distributor Central. When I first started I paid for ASI. I didn’t really have the money so I stopped paying for it after a year. A few years later I found the free Distributor Central platform. I still use that platform some, but I’ve found SAGE to be a better tool for me. Selling promotional products has been the biggest moneymaker for me this year. If you have the time and ability, I’d suggest getting started. You can always start small. I’d suggest pens.

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00:00 Intro to promotional products
01:20 Suppliers and Distributors
02:30 ASI Ad Specialty
03:12 Sage / PPAI
05:12 Distributor Central
06:47 Overview of platforms
08:56 Cam Call…
09:51 Sage Overview
14:27 Number one in sales
15:40 The Platforms

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