Happy Tuesday print fam. I thought I would address a few of the most common comments that I’ve been getting (specifically the yawning). If you have any funny ideas for a yawn shirt, let me know. We have some shirts to decorate with white toner, some things to print on the Konica, and some things on the HP Latex. With the thank you cards I’m printing on the Konica, I have to trick the Duplo to crease them because they are smaller then the smallest sheet size the Duplo will accept. I’ve always had a little problem with solid white with the icolor. I upped the pressure on the heat press and that helped a ton.

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00:00 Happy Tuesday
02:55 Today’s schedule
04:00 Thank you cards on the Konica
04:45 How I program for small sheets on the Duplo
07:30 Picking up shirts (because they messed up)
09:26 icolor white toner transfers
10:29 Shirts and masks done
11:51 Time to call it
12:25 Please comment

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