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I’m working on saving to purchase a better camera for the videos and I’d like to purchase a cheap chinese UV printer that I can make videos on and tell you if they’re worth buying. The UV printer will cost around $5000.

This will take you to the home page of Amazon. Anything you buy within 24 hours or until you check out a commission will be made.

I use these in my business every day.

Heat Transfer Warehouse
This is where I’ve purchased my heat presses and other material (puzzles, htv, etc)

Heat Press Nation
They have decent vinyl cutters and other items.

These are all my lasers. I receive a commission if you buy an OMTECH and Garen has been great to work with on my other lasers. He does give me a discount on my own purchases.

I use them every day to design logos, flyers, vector graphics, and other designs for myself and my customers.

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