Happy Friday print fam. I didn’t know what we were going to do today, but luckily Bob stepped up and got some jobs ready to print. We have a bunch to do on the HP latex (hand sanitizer labels, stickers, and decals). We also have some business cards (but the artwork is wrong so we didn’t end up printing them all). I ended up getting an order for more hats and since the machine was already programmed to run them I wanted to get them done! Bach really hated me today, the needle broke about 5 times while doing the sewing.

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00:00 Bob stepped up
1:43 HP Latex timelapse
03:26 HP cutter timelapse
04:25 crazy day – mid-day update
06:01 SWF embroidery machine timelapse
08:04 Embroidery recap
08:50 setting up nextcloud
11:25 outro
11:56 Embroidery machine broke

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