Happy Wednesday print fam. We have some yard signs to do on HP Latex and we have some other prints to do on the Konica. I needed to print some samples that needed a crease from the Duplo. Just so you know, when you program the crease, the distance is from the edge of the cut size. Not the edge of the paper, and not with the bleed. I hope that helps someone. On to printing 5000 business cards. I pause the card printing to make a duplo template so I could print another order while the cards were finishing. I wanted to print one sheet and cut it (like usual) before I printed all the pages. It was a good day printing 5000 business cards and 4000 postcards.

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00:00 Bob Saved the Day
01:12 Programming the Duplo crease
02:51 5000 card timelapse
03:28 update and making a template
04:10 duplo cutting timelapse
05:00 I’m smart than I thought
06:10 konica timelapse
07:52 unattended printing
08:32 Goodnight and tomorrow

Edited by Cam

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