Happy Tuesday print fam. I’ve already printed somethings on the HP Latex this morning and I’m working on some white toner for face masks and shirts. While we were working on the white toner transfers from the icolor, I started a business card and wedding announcement order on the Konica. I went to make the white toner delivery and I forgot my wallet. I had to go back because I also needed to stop by Kelly Paper to get more paper for the wedding announcements I was printing. I started weeding a job for Bob when I got back and he finished it by putting the transfer tape on. I also had some trouble with my truck while I was gone, so I think my life is meant to have some drama right now. I had some more questions about how I use so I recorded a little overview of how I use it.

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00:00 Happy Tuesday
00:54 White toner face masks
02:36 Business Cards and Wedding Announcements
03:29 Konica timelapse
04:17 Selling white toner transfers
05:00 Picking up paper
05:24 Weeding Vinyl
07:45 My life is going downhill
10:18 Finishing wedding announcements
11:42 How I use
14:47 Tomorrow schedule
15:24 Questions

Edited by Cam

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