Happy Monday print fam. Lots to get done today. I’m going to start they say off by finishing the sticker order that I started on Saturday. After that, we’re going to do some finish work on some HP latex hand sanitizer labels I did and then move over to the Konica. On the Konica, we’re going to print some business cards, postcards, and graduation announcements. I use Kelly Paper’s 130lb glossy and silk cover for most of my printing. I also talk a little about pricing on the Konica. The pricing you pay may be different because I also calculate ever part of the machine. That way I can have the actual per click cost to print the job. One thing I forgot to mention with pricing is that you also need to include packaging in the price.

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00:00 Happy Monday
01:25 Sticker cutting timelapse
03:16 Hand Sanitizer Labels
04:18 HP Latex printing timelapse
04:38 Business Cards and Postcards
05:27 Konica printing timelapse
06:12 Job recap and apparel orders
07:48 Duplo cutting timelapse
08:38 Automation is better
09:34 Konica pricing
13:00 postcard pricing
17:57 Recap and tomorrow
20:48 Questions?

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