Today I thought it was going to be a slow day, it ended up being pretty busy. I thought today I’d cover how I find customers. I’d say the majority of my customers come because of word of mouth. Whether that’s from existing customers, friends, or family. I also get many referrals from BNI and lastly from social media. Most of my social media referrals are from groups that people refer my service, so not directly from my social media posts.

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00:00 Time to call it…
01:50 Where I find customers
03:18 BNI
04:19 Social Media
05:08 Starting from scratch ideas
07:19 Printing posters on the HP Latex
08:13 Cutting the posters with the Keencut
08:37 Printing postcards on the Konica
09:04 Cutting on the Duplo
09:27 Email List
10:06 Questions
11:02 Power outage

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