Happy Thursday print fam. Today is my son’s birthday! Because it going to be a simple day so I wanted to focus on the white toner printer. I mainly wanted to focus on why I didn’t purchase the iColor 550. The main reason I purchased the iColor 600 over the 550 is the size. I do a lot of small transfers and I wanted to be able to do more at once. I think the 550 is a great machine and a great place to start for anyone. I highly suggest the Uninet products and systems and I would buy my printer again.

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00:00 Happy Thursday
01:14 Why I’d didn’t buy the iColor 800
02:40 Why I purchased the iColor 600
05:05 Smartcut software
05:45 iColor 550 features
06:43 White toner over printed HTV
07:27 White toner supply costs
08:53 White toner printing timelapse
09:34 four sheets
10:09 Marrying the A and B Sheet
11:09 Job pricing and costs
14:00 Questions?
14:43 On the horizon

Edited by Cam

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