Happy Friday print fam. I want to do a half-day today, so we have a lot to get done (it didn’t happen). I’m reprinting a batch of stickers because the HP cutter is the worst at perf cutting. If you want good perf cuts, go with the Graphtec instead of the HP cutter. After the stickers, I started the Konica to make a few flyers and door hangers. The door hangers are really just 4×9 postcards that they are going to staple a rubber band to. After the door hangers, we printed some business cards and a few flyers. It was a nice flow that I had going for the flyers. I started the printing, then got a few cutting, and while they were both doing their thing, I was folding. I started my errands and while I was at the post office, the postal worked asked if it was okay for him to refer business to me. It was a nice reminder that you can get business from anywhere.

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00:00 Redoing Stickers
01:37 Door hanger and flyers
02:50 Be nice to the post office
04:18 Fold over brochure printing
05:27 Deliveries Done
06:37 Questions?
07:07 Share?

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